We’re calling on Congress to invest in Climate Resilience

This week Illinois Stewardship Alliance signed on to a letter from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) asking House and Senate leadership to invest in climate resilience and local food systems.

Right now, Congress is working on President Biden’s American Jobs Plan, and they are making decisions about what to include in the bill.

This could include funding for tackling the climate crisis: helping farmers and ranchers adopt mitigation practices, investing in more-resilient local and regional supply chains, building out more renewable energy on farms, expanding research on climate & ag, and much more. 

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity that could result in tens of billions in new investments in resilient food and farming systems and tackling the climate crisis. 

NSAC is working with Representative Pingree (D-ME) and Senator Heinrich (D-NM) and Representative Spanberger (D-VA) and Senator Booker (D-NJ), the respective lead sponsors of the bicameral Agriculture Resilience Act (H.R. 2803/S. 1337) and Climate Stewardship Act (H.R 2534/S. 1072) to make the case that the American Jobs Plan needs to include these major investments – $200 billion over ten years to support robust investment in farm bill conservation, research, renewable energy, private forestry, and regional food system and supply chain resilience programs, in addition to the agriculture, forestry, and rural-related elements already contained in the President’s American Jobs Plan.

450 food and ag organizations signed the letter. You can find the sign-on letter here.