Why Conservation Matters to Your Community…And What YOU Can Do About It

It’s not always grasp how conservation practices directly affect our communities. It’s hard to see nutrients running off into waterways or organic matter being depleted. But these things DO affect our communities. Clean drinking water, streams full of fish, wildlife habitat, and healthy soils that grow wholesome food are all directly affected by on-farm conservation practices and the policies that make it viable for farmers to implement those practices. We are excited to roll out to you for the first time a new video highlighting the practical and policy impacts of Illinois Stewardship Alliance’s conservation work. We are making a difference one farmer and one decision-maker at a time, but we are stronger and far more effective when we unite all of our voices and we work together as a community. Please join our family and get involved!

Illinois Stewardship Alliance members are cutting through red tape, shaking up the system, and creating change. The biggest asset we have, which wealthy powerful companies do not, is the voice of real people speaking up for the world they actually want to inhabit and not accepting the world that corporate PR departments and lobbyists try to sell us against our best interests. Join us in building a food and farm system that supports our family farmers, protects our soil and water, and makes good food available for all.  Join our family and get involved.

Looking for more ways to get involved? Join us for a very special listening session with the U.S. House Ag Committee on August 30th at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur. Members of the Ag Committee are preparing to write the next Farm Bill and they’re coming to Decatur for one of only a few Listening Sessions across the country. Congress only considers the Farm Bill once every five years and with three members of Congress from Illinois on the House Agriculture Committee, folks in our state have a unique opportunity to shape the future of food and farming in this country! We’ll be there to tell our members of Congress that we want a Farm Bill that provides access to good food for all, keeps family farmers on the land, and protects our soil and water. Will you join us? Learn More