Why Local Food Policy Matters

One of the most impactful ways to create change in our current food system is to become involved in food and farm policy. Our current system of agriculture is not a result of the free market, it is the result of agricultural policies that have encouraged large-scale agribusiness and conventional farming methods. These policies have shaped our food system into what it is today, and if we want to re-shape it, we’re going to need the help of farmers, families, and everyday citizens alike to fight for positive policy solutions.

Stay on top of the issues by signing up for our Action Alerts newsletter, which will let you know about important legislation. Email, call, and write your legislators when there is important legislation that needs support.  Vote for senators and representatives with a history of supporting sustainable farming and local food systems. We need you to continue to support local food systems by venturing out to farmers markets, purchasing CSA’s, and buying locally from small-scale farmers that use sustainable and humane practices, but we also need you to move beyond the fork and help us create large-scale change. Become an advocate for the food system you want, not the food system we have!