With your support, farmers can use their voices together

Banner of Farmer Ted Krauskopf

This year farmers like Ted Krauskopf came together to use their voices for clean water and climate resilience– and it made a difference. See how Alliance members are working together to change policy and build a more just and regenerative food system in our 2021 Annual Report.

Ted owns Hickory Flat Cattle Co., a grazing operation in Highland, Illinois, where he and his wife Linda welcome heifers to graze when there is grass for forage. He believes it’s his duty to leave the land better than when he found it by steadily improving the health of the soils year after year.

But Illinois is drastically behind in meeting their soil and water quality goals, and farmers across the state need increased support in order to implement the conservation practices that are needed to keep our waterways clean. 

Ted and his fellow ISA Soil Health Caucus members knew that in order to win increased funding for soil health and climate resilience, they’d have to work together to build support among legislators and the public.

“As a Soil Health Caucus member I can join with others who share similar goals of improving soil health for safer, more nutritious food, local food production, and stronger rural as well as urban communities,” Krauskopf said. 

Ted volunteered immediately. He knew that getting support from members of the House Ag Committee would be key, and his Representative, Charlie Meier of the 108th district, served on that very committee.

Read more about Ted’s efforts to preserve and expand funding for soil conservation and climate resilience in our 2021 Annual Report. You’ll also learn about additional policy wins championed by farmers, eaters, and supporters of the Alliance like you. 

Spoiler alert: with Ted and his fellow caucus members gaining a co-sponsorship from Rep. Charlie Meier, the Partners for Conservation Fund was extended and received an extra $6 Million in 2021!

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