Your Thoughts on the President’s First 100 Days

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Thank you for sharing your voice and your ideas when we asked how you would advise the President and his administration in the first 100 days in office. 

The comments we received ranged from food and agriculture to police reform.  

We enjoyed connecting with you and reading your ideas. We will compile your suggestions and send comments to the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. Since 1992, NSAC has drafted transition memos for Presidential Administrations. The goal of the transition memo is to assist a new Administration as they prioritize policies they will implement as part of their “First 100 Days” agenda.  

In his first 100 days in office, Alliance supporters suggest the President should:

  • Address and take seriously workplace safety violations that put food production and distribution workers at risk 
  • Provide hazard pay for everyone working in the food chain
  • Take a comprehensive science-based approach to controlling the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Issue a national mandate for masks and federal support to states on testing and tracing for COVID-19
  • Take action on climate 
  • Refocus the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  on protecting our environment and natural resources for all citizens instead of big business 
  • Encourage a more active effort by U.S. EPA and the Center for Disease Control to protect clean water and control pesticide and herbicide use and reduce pollution in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Take a Science- based approach to farm programs to should be developed that better examines abilities to produce safe food, efficiently harvest it, and distribute food to all markets from farms of all sizes all sized producers
  •  Stop separating families at the border and locking children in cages
  • Welcome asylum seekers
  • Repair the damage to race relations by implementing police reform
  • Fund industrial hemp fiber and grain infrastructure 
  • Approve hemp grain for in-feed use for livestock
  • Prompt Congresso propose legislation that ties federal crop insurance payments to on-farm conservation practices
  • Authorize a new Trans-Pacific Partnership to enhance trade
  • Create a comprehensive infrastructure program 
  • Restore the State Department similar to what it was in 2016

Do you have more ideas and suggestions for the first 100 days? There is still time!